Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures Of Women With Double Viginas Should Men Shave Their Armpits? What Is It With This Double Standard That Women Should But Men, No?

Should men shave their armpits? What is it with this double standard that women should but men, no? - pictures of women with double viginas

Now the boys are getting all registered me to raise this issue because most of us envy even have to shave their heads in the morning.

But seriously ... Why would someone's hair under the armpits as acceptable on the break-up phase of our evolutionary development?

When I see a woman with armpit hair, I think it is France, Austin, Texas, or a woman of the cave well. In any case, I am overwhelmed by a sudden desire to kiss her.

But what is good for the goose is good. Shave And like many women, the larger surfaces with more regularity than the legs + holes, I can see how people do not shave in the wells of STI have felt.

But that would lead to men and women? That would be gay? There is also ahigiene argument to here and he likes smelly hairy armpits, eh?

I see the male bodybuilders lift his arms and bending and that the shot from your armpit that makes me think: "What's wrong with this picture?

So guys should shave?


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